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TRANSFORM as a parent.

TRANSFORM as a person.


My name is ​Reem Raouda​​

I am a mother, and certified Conscious Parenting Coach, graduating from Oprah’s go-to parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute.

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About Me

About Me

I started my parenting journey on the wrong foot. I was full of expectations of how my child should behave and be, and I thought I had to be controlling in order to be a good parent.

I was yelling, easily aggravated and full of anxiety. Little did I know that I was only creating my own chaos and deep disconnection with my child. I was causing resistance, resentment, rebellion, and a huge strain in our relationship. I was so concerned with every situation turning out like I had had envisioned it in my mind that I was not truly connecting with the child in front of me. I didn’t realize that I, as a parent, had the choice of how to react to every situation, and that my reaction, was everything.

My uneasiness finally led me to look at myself in the mirror and to discover the real reasons I was having such a hard time. It was the most painfully insightful, absolute best thing I ever did for myself and my child.

I’ve TRANSFORMED myself as a parent and can do the same for you.

I am here to empower parents with the skills that we were never taught in order to have a deeper, more authentic relationship with our children. Ones that breed cooperation and connection rather than negative, damaging, and long-lasting consequences.

Work with me

I would be honored to help you navigate the most important relationship of your life, empower you as a parent and person, and free your family of undo disorder and stress. I promise to make your parenting journey much richer and more joyful.

When we work together, we will uncover and resolve everything that is keeping you stuck as a parent or getting in your way of parenting with presence and ease.

You will come out stronger, being way more in touch with your true self and knowing how to respond to your children in a way that creates deeper connection and harmony.


You will be a more empowered parent, raising empowered children.

My Quotes

“We become better parents when we are more invested in the essence of our children than in our expectations of them.”


A profound transformation

The transformation in both of my children has been so profound that I could never have imagined it. Reem helped me find the root cause of why my youngest was melting down and why my oldest was lying to me. We made so much progress within a few weeks that my faith in this program is unwavering. No one can ever truly understand the relief and contentment I have gained by working with Reem.

~ Brandy T. 


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Reem Raouda is a certified conscious parenting coach, and founder of The Connected Discipline Method, a coaching program for parents of strong-willed children. You can follow her on Instagram hereTiktok here.

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